JUNKO OKI - Office Baroque (Brussels)

🕔13 Apr 2017 09:32

Junko Oki

18.04.2017 – 27.05.2017
Office Baroque      

Join us for the opening preview on
Tuesday 18 April from 18h thru 20h
at Bloemenhofplein 5 Place du Jardin aux Fleurs

Office Baroque is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Junko Oki in Belgium at our downtown gallery on Bloemenhofplein 5 Place du Jardin aux Fleurs.

Junko Oki started her artistic practice in the year 2002 right before turning 40. Her work consists of embroidery on old fabrics, often several centuries old, collected by her late mother. The material used by Mrs. Oki is referred to as Boro, a term that may include textiles from various origins, clothing, weavings used for candle making, tatami rimmings, as well as old bags.

Mrs. Oki’s textile compositions are rich and dense. They consist of abstract colored thread drawings implanted like vertiginous, spiraling memories into fabric. The contrast between old and new textile strata signifies an elegiac distance from past ways of living, yet her palimpsest approach can equally evoke proximity. Her aesthetics are shaped by childhood memories as well as a multitude of subliminal experiences. The repetitive manual labor of stitching and sewing, in the words of Oki, is propelled by two gravitational forces, love and death. Her work focuses primarily on human relationships, particularly those of her family and while exploring these themes, her work ranges out into automatist drawing, surrealism, poetry, art brut as well as feminist art. Oki is known for her two and three dimensional stitched and embroidered works on fabric as well as for a series of artist books.

Junko Oki is based in Kanagawa, Japan and had solo exhibitions at Dee’s Hall,Tokyo and Morioka Shoten, Tokyo.
Her work was recently exhibited at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa and Cookie Butcher, Antwerp.

The exhibition will be installed in our downtown Brussels gallery during the second edition of Independent Brussels. Concurrently, our midtown gallery on Rue Ravenstein will house a one-person exhibition by Sophie von Hellermann.

Office Baroque
Bloemenhofplein 5 - Place du Jardin aux Fleurs, 1000 Brussels


Gallery Hours: Wednesday — Saturday, 11—18 h and by appointment


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